Knock knock…

Laughter seal.jpgIt’s an exquisite night in this shire of a valley. The air is pure, the sky clear. The heaviness brought by the last few days of heat and humidity has gone as if blown away by giants. The now waning full moon is lighting the sky intermittently between thin stratus cloud breaks. The altocumulus clouds are perched on top like a pimply, but still fluffy, icing. The site is gorgeous and staring into the otherwise clear night sky fills me with gratitude, immense almost immeasurable, gratitude.

Wherever it is Muse has been I do not know, but she popped in briefly today to scold me about not writing. She said blaming her for not being around is a cheap shot and lousy excuse for not doing what I really quite love to do. The message was received because, well, as you can clearly see, I’m writing tonight. Her somewhat gruff nudge is appreciated though, it feels good to be typing away despite the late hour. That written, I’m a bit giddy with this distracting moon, and must make an early start so will be brief.

The last few days I’ve received inspiring, encouraging and supportive notes. Each has made me very happy and helped spur me on. I feel like I might be able to start packing up the “woe-is-me” closet, actually. Goodness gracious it’s about time, eh? I’ll take this opportunity to thank one and all for putting up with me and hanging in while I whine. Of course, as I write I realize how many times I’ve promised to change things up and not held to it. Still, it’s worth repeating and to making yet another promise: here’s to better, less repetitive posts. I mean really – for the love of all the saints and angels – buy a book and learn about something new, anything!

Okay. I will be more creative.

I’m wishing tonight for more of something that visited me today – laughter. I had fun today, and belly laughed spontaneously. Gawd it felt so good! As I laughed I took note of a fascinating side effect – some extra weight I’d been carrying for weeks, lessened. I started to feel better. Memories sprung up that were equally great. I recalled those Sundays when the giggles would strike during the presider’s sermon. Mom’s gaze was steel. Dad’s finger would wave or his hand would lightly box the back of my head. Nothing could stop the rise, though, and the harder they tried to prevent my laughing, the more the laughter came. So much fun! So I’ll wish that everyone can have moments, lots and lots of moments filled with shaking belly, water out of nostrils spewing, pig snorting laughter. The kind of laughter that puts stitches into your sides and aches into your cheeks. That kind of laughing must be good for all that ails.

“Did you hear the one about the…?”

Until tomorrow…



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