Tears and teachings…

CalmReally emotional today. Mostly tears and longing filling the hours and minutes. I tried to ‘up’ the feelings but failed. I’m not complaining or seeking sympathy, rather stating the facts. And it’s all okay. It’s really okay. I am okay.

What this past year plus has taught me is that my emotional upheavals are wonderful. Of course the good feelings are best and those bright days wonderful, but the challenging hours are teachers. We don’t always appreciate our teachers, do we?

I am appreciating my teachers today amidst the angst. I am trying to learn the lesson. I am asking how to get back to feeling good while learning. It’s not easy but I’ll get there.

When we find ourselves in these vulnerable states of being, the biggest challenge is letting the feelings come through. We want to suppress the awful ones. Who wouldn’t? But if we can expose the sadness, or grief, anger or apprehension, we might just learn why it is there in the first place. Maybe it is an old and useless feeling we should say farewell to. Maybe it is a feeling we nurture in the present that we need to confront and ask to step aside. It’s all the same. It’s simply stepping up, yes? Stepping up and saying, I am okay.

Today in the world at large, something happened. It’s a messy thing. Lives were lost. Blood was shed. Does that matter? Yes. Why? Because everything we do must serve, must benefit the WHOLE. When a choice is made to dominate for an agenda that is not for but against, then we are in trouble – again.

My wish tonight is that we consider the aspects of “for”. Let us be for prosperity, equanimity, balance and justice. There is much to be for and it perpetuates life and successful endeavours. When we are looking toward “for” we cannot waste time being against because we’ve not the energy. We’re too busy stepping up and waving the banner for justice, for love, and for peace on earth.

Until tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Tears and teachings…

  1. The world holds more love than hate, more peace than violence, but love is an everyday thing. We don’t notice it. When an act of love attracts more media attention than an act of hate, we’ll know the balance has shifted. In the meantime, we hold our joys around us and wish the haters would evolve more quickly.

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