Peace is…

Peace dove.jpgIt’s down to one wish tonight my lovelies. A single, dreamy wish for peace. It’s a surreal, rather translucent image we have of peace, yes? It’s all Garden of Edenesque. We peel our grapes and stroll wistfully in idyllic woodlands with nymphs and butterflies. There’s plenty of plenty and nothing rough or intrusive. Hmm. Folks, even Disney knew better. Remember Bambi? Yep, the world is also the ugly we do not want to see, hear, smell, or taste. By the way, there’s plenty of stuff in that peaceful jungle that is horrific, brutal, and raw. It is unevolved and yet evolving. Just as we are. So what is peace? It is a feeling not outside of us, but within us. It is a call to love. It is us unconditionally accepting our part in the whole of creation and recognizing that everything – every single thing – we see, hear, smell, or taste is an extension of us. When we talk about “others”, worrying they will rise against us, then that is what reality will show. If, however, we see people rising up with offerings of love, expressing empathy, caring, and compassion to each other that is what we will see. Of course, the ugly is still around. We all know it. But we put it in its rightful place when we focus all our thoughts, all our energy, on peace. That real kind. The kind that comes from within. That is my wish. Dig high, dig low but keep digging for it. Peace really isn’t a dream, it’s alive and well in each of us.

Peace, out.

Until tomorrow…

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