A whole bunch of wishes…

It is late. I am knackered so here goes a wish despite that. Listen up. It’s a good one!

I wish for more of all of this stuff:

Let down your guard, leave your ego at the door, recognise you are a human being but accept that the animal is made of the same stuff you are – feelings and all. I wish for more of an attitude that says, “Who cares what colour, race, or religion you are?” I wish we could let go of petty concerns and trust that there is an order to things. I wish we would ignore the stuff we don’t like and focus on the stuff we do like. I wish we would stop working ‘against’ and focus on working ‘for’. I wish we would sit still and listen, stop judging everybody which means allowing our awful bits to be okay, too. I wish we could accept responsibility which means putting a stop to blaming everybody else. Blaming doesn’t do anything. FIND A SOLUTION or shut up. And lastly, I wish we would work to love ourselves more. A LOT more! Look in the mirror and shout, “ I AM BEAUTIFUL” until you smile. Then try to shit on someone else. Uh uh. Cannot be done. LOVE. It’s bigger than a four letter word. It is THE answer.

Until tomorrow…


3 thoughts on “A whole bunch of wishes…

      1. Juni Desireé

        Definitely one of my problems, struggle to be real due to the struggle to love myself. So good to be able to see the link though, in order to work through it.


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