A whole bunch of wishes…

It is late. I am knackered so here goes a wish despite that. Listen up. It’s a good one!

I wish for more of all of this stuff:

Let down your guard, leave your ego at the door, recognise you are a human being but accept that the animal is made of the same stuff you are – feelings and all. I wish for more of an attitude that says, “Who cares what colour, race, or religion you are?” I wish we could let go of petty concerns and trust that there is an order to things. I wish we would ignore the stuff we don’t like and focus on the stuff we do like. I wish we would stop working ‘against’ and focus on working ‘for’. I wish we would sit still and listen, stop judging everybody which means allowing our awful bits to be okay, too. I wish we could accept responsibility which means putting a stop to blaming everybody else. Blaming doesn’t do anything. FIND A SOLUTION or shut up. And lastly, I wish we would work to love ourselves more. A LOT more! Look in the mirror and shout, “ I AM BEAUTIFUL” until you smile. Then try to shit on someone else. Uh uh. Cannot be done. LOVE. It’s bigger than a four letter word. It is THE answer.

Until tomorrow…


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