Racing toward slow…

sourceI’m still thinking about the whole spiritual thing and realize this: we are a beautiful mess. Each of us can rise up or fall. We can love with the brilliance of a thousand suns yet turn our back on a person’s desperate circumstances with callous disregard. And hold on. We, all of us, do both, in varying degrees.

Today as I watched the centenary coverage from the Thiepval Memorial, moved by the horror and the humanity, I wondered if this type of event is meaningful. Are we posting ourselves into the past in order to learn? If so, a thousand bravos. We still war, though. In little and big ways, we remain at war. We hoard money, things, and our time, forgetting to speak a kind word or offer a helping hand. We name call, blame the other, and pick and choose who we deem worthy of attention. Do commemorations such as this rally us to change? If in any small way, even one heart is stirred to kindness, then well done, I say.

I’ve been slacking the last couple of days. There is much going on in my head and even a few things in my life, but the words are not revealing themselves on the page. And no, Muse is around and quite boisterous, just cloaked in mystery. Anyway, I’ll unwrap her. I just need patience.

My wish tonight is for patience. We tend to want everything yesterday and rightfully so in many cases. But real lasting and abiding change, the kind that alters the course of human history, is a slow thing. It takes time to amend the DNA, and in order for change to last, it must occur at that very cellular a level. So, the next time you feel your blood boiling over an issue, do not look forward, but rather, backwards. Note where we were only twenty years ago, or even one hundred years ago. We are progressing! It just takes time.

Until tomorrow…




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