You can’t be spiritual if…

Spirit.jpgYesterday’s post was ridiculous, wasn’t it? Goodness, what is wrong with me? Okay, nothing, I just need to shake things up a bit, get shouting, you know? So in the hopes of doing that I’m gonna write a proper rant today in spite of stating – was it yesterday? – I don’t do rants. Fibber am I. Nevermind, it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want. So there. (Yes, I’m sticking my tongue out.)

Okay then. Who is over the word spiritual? I’ve been careful to not use it all these many months because I’ve got a bit of a hate-on for what it seems to stand for now. It used to be such a pretty word conjuring images of lightness. It supplanted conventional religious imagery with the ethereal and attempted to convey a personal essence for all humans, not just saints and angels. No more crosses or bloody heads but colour and sheen. Sure it was new-agey and traditionalist’s scorned it – at first – until those same traditionalists adopted “spiritual”. WTF? Then, in true-to-form fashion, the redefining began. Marketing departments and PR folks got busy and made spiritual sexy. They put it in a box and wrapped it up with all the meanings necessary to make it a ‘thing’. Of course, to be a part of that ‘thing’ you had to buy the package. Lastly was the babble. I will not go into the babble! Why do men (sadly I have to play the gender card in this case) take beauty and distort it with wild abandon? Jung warned us this would happen.

We are all spirit (breath), banged out from the heart of a star. As such, every single thing we do can be deemed spiritual. In this way of thinking we blend, rather than split up, our beings. We shift from an unhealthy notion that some external force is in charge of us, to ruling our own destinies. Responsibility sits firmly in our corner instead of being the whim of an omnipresent third party.

I guess what really gets me – and reminds me to watch my mouth and not judge – is hearing folks wax spiritual, telling anyone who will listen, how to be truly spiritual. In that self-righteous tone they describe a glorious new world, when everyone becomes like them that is. OMG!

When “spiritual” became appealing to a large group who felt organized religion was no longer on the mark, it was nice. When it became another version of organized religion, the igniting spark was extinguished.

No single individual has all the answers. Some of us are a tad too preoccupied with controlling outcomes, hence painting a detailed portrait of the future according to a myopic view. Perhaps if we try harder to open our hearts and minds in this moment and blend our humanness with all its foibles, instead of telling others how to look or move or speak, we will create utopia sooner rather than later.

Keeping my spirit intact is easy. Being spiritual according to another person’s design is impossible.

My wish tonight is for grace. Earlier I watched Adele’s performance at Glastonbury and thought, “There’s a class act – one graceful bird from Tottenham”. She was funny, warm, honest and generous. There was no distance between her and the thousands gathered. She swallowed her stage fright, sang her heart out, and walked into the crowd fearlessly. Such grace. Graceful. I admire her. She is twenty eight years old and I’m gonna be honest, I want to be young again. I hate getting old. Still, I’ve a choice. I can accept how I feel and laugh out loud, or I can wallow and grumble. I can also pretend not to care at all. I can do any of those things and more and each is perfectly all right. I’m still full of grace and my spiritual self is rocking it!

Until tomorrow…






2 thoughts on “You can’t be spiritual if…

  1. I’ve never really thought about the word “spiritual” although I admit I have used it. Your defining is always enlightening so I guess I was partly right. Being spiritual to me is being true to what you believe is the “good” of your being and not what someone dictates or opines. It cannot be organized or called for because it is truly personal. Thanks always, I wonder when we are all dead and gone what future generations will think of this blog of yours, for it is truly a gift to all of us. Thank you again for being the soul you are.

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    1. Frances Sullivan

      Goodness! You have moved me on a day when it was especially needed. Thank you for your kind compliments and thoughtful response. And I like your view of ‘spiritual’. A lot. I am sending you lots of healing vibes, by the way. Think of you often. xx


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