Ask and you shall receive…

TodayCan I love more? Yes. Can I give more? Yes. Can I trust, believe, act, abandon, relax, travel, more? Yes.

Today, I acted to transform an old pattern. My habit is to walk away when it comes to standing up for what is owed me, for example. Instead, today I communicated with a positive demand something that was owed to me and the result was immediate. The goal was accomplished. I stood my ground and requested what was my due. This was scary for me deep inside although I expected nothing less.

Never doubt you are worth what you are worth.

My wish tonight is that you follow through by biting down the fear that rises from your belly into your throat. When you follow through you affirm your talent and recognize your worth. Only you can do this. It is never someone else’s job. If you feel you cannot get the job, you will not. However, if you feel you’re up to the task, the job is yours. Go for it. You’ve everything to gain.

Until tomorrow…

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