Take my place…

Polite.jpgWell, this is the longest break from blogging I’ve taken to date. I’ve missed you, or more accurately, I’ve missed the routine of connecting – and of writing. And while I’ve not a lot to tell you to catch you up on things, I do have an “issue” of sorts I’m trying to work through. No, of course it’s not new! *sigh* That written, I’ve new insights into my behaviour. *sigh* yet again. Oh well, better a view than none at all, yes?

It’s so easy to blame others. I’ve been called up on my judging ways a few times lately. Here’s the thing. When I know what I know, I’m not judging. I’m calling a horse, a horse. Simple. And while a horse to me might be a dog to you, it’s all perspective at the end of the day. It’s an opinion. OH. There it is. Opinion. What another ‘reads’ by my tone or expression or look might well be their own judgement, or their opinion of me. OH for goodness sake! Can we separate it all out? Of course. But the first step in figuring it out is likely keeping our – uh – opinions – to ourselves. I’m not always good at it but have come a long way in the art of biting my tongue.

My opinion does not always have to be voiced to the world, but often better the world than an individual. Someone once said that they were not judging another when expressing their wonderment about certain behaviours but merely speaking out loud their confusion in an effort to figure it out. I get that. I also – am speaking of me now – know that sometimes I’m looking to affirm my shitty thoughts of another. I take full responsibility for that low-end stuff and ask forgiveness when that’s the case. I’m sure it’s too often. On the other hand, when not judging, I must learn to not hold resentment when another thinks I am.

But I’m way off track and it’s too late in the blog to wax brilliant about some earth shattering insight. LOL, so it’s on to the wish.

A few weeks ago I blew a hole in my girl’s Vitamix. A friend, knowing my deep need for smoothies (have I told you this?), graciously made loan of a spare blender. The repaired V-Mix arrived today so I headed out to return the loaner. Before leaving, (remember I live in the middle of nowhere) my landlord asked if I’d stop for some bread for him. Of course. Once in town and at the shop I found the particular bread he liked and made my way to check-out. Well! Everyone stepped aside for me. Two separate lines and three people – one way ahead of me – asked me to step up!! I am serious. This is not a “story”. This is a real experience. I could NOT get out without stepping ahead. I finally did because it seemed the best course. Moral? People are lovely. Give them a chance. In fact, expect it. I wish quirky, wonderful, happy, serendipitous events that bring a smile, a tear, a tweak that reminds you of your truest desire to feel GOOD. Goodness is everywhere.

Until tomorrow…





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