Butterfly1Yes indeed. Here I sit in a coffee shop revelling in the student artsy vibe. It could be any coffee shop anywhere in the world, but it is not anywhere. It is England which is, for me, the real wonder of wonders. One would think the glow would dim, the surge of excitement lessen, and the joy slip into a state of good, but thinking that would be incorrect. I remain immeasurably happy at being here.

My papers were sent to immigration services Tuesday. There are great butterflies flitting in and out of me now. I’d like them to rest as I wait to hear and at some point, I’m sure they will. Last night as I begged sleep to come amidst the fluttering, I recalled when last I felt like this. It was many decades ago.

When I was sixteen I entered a contest. Each year my little hometown held a festival. A queen was chosen to rule over the proceedings. The odds were not cast in my favour. I was the youngest and reputed to be the least poised among the entrants. There were twelve of us, if memory serves. Anywho, for the life of me, I can’t recall what motivated me to take such a chance, but the short of it is despite all dispersions cast my way by many, I was chosen, crowned, and allotted my 15 minutes of fame, a term non-existent at that time but appropriate nonetheless. What has this to do with my current butterfly infestation? I’ll explain briefly.

When the announcement was made, it was with much pomp. The ceremony brought out press, business leaders, even the mayor. The entrants were gathered on stage in the town square. It was there that those beautiful insects took over. And there, amidst the girls older and far prettier, more mature and confident, waiting anxiously to hear their name called, mentally rehearsing their acceptance speech that I knew what they were there for. Not one of the girls thought it would be my name they heard called. When it was, I remember the butterflies leaping and the amazed stares from the others around me.

That is how I feel now. Foolish? I prefer, trusting. I believe.

My wish today is partly a selfish one. I wish that all of you reading would, for a second, visualize me receiving my visa, my permission to remain in this country I love. Now, my unabashed faith in the power of intention is unwavering and I trust completely, but ask for this wish for another reason. I ask that you do this for me to strengthen your own commitment to the power you have to create change in your own life. Do you believe that sending good vibes helps? Have you witnessed miracles happen as you focus on a desire? Well, it’s not about sending, giving, thinking of, another. The recipient must be open to all that change, all those intentions. So it is true for you. YOU have the POWER to think your own life into being. Yes. You. Do. Believe it.

Until tomorrow…



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