How does it grow?

MarwoodSo tonight I have to talk about last night’s post. I finished it knowing it was not fleshed out. Just because the yin needs the yang, doesn’t mean it we have to give sway to all the ugly stuff. To that end, a dear (and way smart friend) wrote me this:

“You were talking in your last posting about the balance between good and bad and that we should accept this but I have a different perspective to share. I think you can see the subconscious mind as a garden and the consciousness the gardener. If you want to grow vegetables you have to prepare the ground, nourish it, plant the seedlings and then nurture them until they come to fruition and can be harvested. You also have to act to remove the weeds that will try to take over and diminish or even destroy your harvest. We all get positive and negative impulses and it depends on our conscious will as to which of these we nourish and which we weed out because we know they will make us stray from our path.” Alex Buzzard.

That’s kind of it in a nutshell, or rather, a garden. We must cultivate with a view to a beautiful crop. We know the weeds will come, the birds will eat the seeds, and the weather will not always cooperate, but we will persist. We do not resist. Voila. There’s the message. Gotta love it.

My wish tonight is for hearing ears. When we listen with only our head, and not the heart, the message can be very different. We  must practice discernment to know how to proceed toward the best outcome. All those weeds might not need pulling. Some might be medicinal, after all. Truly listening means hearing the True voice. It’s the voice of spirit, the universe, or source. It’s the voice of wisdom, justice, and compassion. It’s the voice that will guide us to love. Pardon? I couldn’t quite hear that.

Until tomorrow…

P.S. Please check out Alex’s books. Consciencia, a story of radical transformation, and A Certain Lack of Faith.


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