AliceThe post tonight is a departure. I hesitate to call it a rant because that implies I’ll erupt and then calm down when actually I shouldn’t calm down. Quite the opposite. Perhaps it is complacency behind the wheel and recognizing whose been driving lately is upsetting me.

I’ve just watched Suffragette. It isn’t the best film as films go. The script weaves fiction and truth, fictitious characters and real life ones, into a compelling enough story with a punchy fini. We all know women can vote now but the movie reminds us the right was hard won over many decades. Indigenous women in Canada did not gain the vote until 1960 while Saudi Arabia is still considering whether women should vote.

Anywho, all of these reminders made me realize how full of shit I am. Chocka full of shit and hubris. Goodness, we’ve not really come that far. We might like to think we have but history begs to differ. And hey, it’s not that we haven’t made strides. We have. But we have a long, long, long, way to go. And the next time somebody starts waxing about the good old days, tell them to shut the f**k up! These days need work just like the old ones did and a few years from now, these will be somebody’s “good old days”. Paying attention right here and now ensures you’re aware and growing and engaged. The past is an important teacher that can help to change the future if we don’t become smug in the present.

So my wish tonight is for curiosity. Complacency cannot live next to it. Here’s the rub, though. It’s innocent. Einstein loved it but wondered how it survived formal education. Still, it’s a joyful thing to remain in wonder. Heaven, how could a genuinely curious mind ever want to hoard, keep things the same for the sake of power, or repress another human being? That would be curious indeed.

Until tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Curiouser…

  1. cegenevie74

    I particularly love this post Frances. Cultivating curiosity has changed my life and banished boredom. But your last lines sum it up nicely and make me realise that being curious is a game changer.
    Thanks dahling!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Frances Sullivan

      Admit I didn’t see it coming, that line, but glad you agree. And I wasn’t sure it was right, so you’ve helped me. I need to explore asoecrs of curiosity more. I’ll be coming to you for support, my dear! Much love. xx


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