GateIf any of you are familiar with those humongous electronic gates that work remotely, you’ll know how heavy they are. You’ll also know you’d not likely fair well if you got in the way of one of these gates as it was closing, the way I did last night. Thankfully, I’ve still got a hand even if it is a horribly bruised and bloodied one. I’m lucky my stupidity didn’t render me an amputee.

So, it’s a tad challenging typing because my fingers are really sore. On a high note, the bleeding seems to have stopped. It took the best part of twenty-four hours because the ripped open skin is just below the knuckles. Every time I bend my fingers it forces the wound open.

So yeah, I seem to be pretty accident prone of late. What’s up with that? Whatever it is, I’m paying attention.

Tonight I want to wish for greater understanding. Whether it is a minor bump or a major hurdle, everything that happens offers up a choice of responses and the opportunity see an issue differently. I personally, want to act from love, so must concentrate on that when things go all topsy-turvy in my life. When I cannot figure out what the heck’s going on, meditation helps. After that, remaining quiet for as long as possible, lets the teachings in. It may take an hour or a week, but soon, understanding will come along to shine some light in. Halleluiah!

Until tomorrow…


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