Something to look at…

Beautifulview2Well, I did not write last night and it still amazes me how easily I can skip a post now. I’m looking at it like this: all the energy I put into thinking about it and writing last year can now go into something else – eventually. Sigh.

So yesterday, I met with a client via FaceTime to discuss another business writing project. I’m finally being called the ‘expert’ and being paid to offer up advice about why a writer should be hired at all and what sort of skills they might need. For most of us, we’ve dibbled and dabbled in all kinds of jobs because the pay isn’t commensurate for the work unless you’re a technical writer. Lord knows I admire them – the technical writers – but for the love of all the saints and angels, I could not be one of them. Admittedly, I wish I’d thought up the Dummies series, but alas I did not. Anywho, I’m pleased so bragging a bit.

Today, I worked really hard helping a friend who was stuck and needed an extra set of hands and legs. Midday, we took a breath with a cuppa, then went back to it. It was dusk by the time I headed home but I could still see hints of the sea as I crested a couple turns and felt the usual rush of joy that comes with certain views here. I’m so happy, thrilled actually, to be in this beautiful place even if I am really knackered. Hehe.

So, my wish tonight is that each and every one of you finds a view that brings you joy. It might be your baby, a painting, or the night sky. It might be your mother’s hand, or your daughter’s nose. It might be the skyscraper outside your window, or the lone tree in your backyard. It matters not what, just that you feel a rush, a swell of love when you see it. It’s the feeling of connectedness with someone, or something. Go with the feeling. That feeling is what love is, only greater.

Until tomorrow…


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