Mindfield to mindful…

Bluebells.jpgMy afternoon was especially wonderful. I spent most of it at a somewhat remote property in the countryside joined by a couple OBEs and a group who are trying to change the world. No longer a working farm, the house and out buildings have been repurposed into an artist’s studio and lots of tastefully decorated guest rooms. Not completely eco, they are steadily moving toward self-sufficiency. I found the property simply magical, a place where one expects to see fairy folk in the bluebells.

Earlier in the day, my mind had been busy boxing ideas. One thing it was on about again was labels and how we seem to have a need to call people ‘something’. Think is, a person is a human being. They are not the sum of their race, colour, or creed, illness, designation or career. Lately, with an enormous brush, I’ve found myself painting folks. Not helpful and a habit I’m going to break. It’s my belief that labels surely have some purpose but must be used with caution because naming can contribute to separating us and divisiveness does not promote the ‘me’ I want to be. I need to pay close attention to how I use labels going forward.

Another big thought this morning was about being funny. (Yes, I’m very well aware how my thoughts jump. Try living in my head!) I’m not anymore. Funny that is. I used to be. Hey, didn’t I write about this subject one night just a few weeks ago? I can’t remember which, is a problem. Wait. No, that’s not a problem at all. I’ve a great memory. Sometimes. Anywho, I recently found a picture of my dorm mistress from boarding school days. She wrote, “Don’t ever lose your great sense of humour!” Who was she writing too? Indeed, it was addressed to me and since I was the only one in that class with that name, it must be me. So, I want that back. Please.

And lastly, the final big thought from this morning was this one. If you regret not having done something and you’re still breathing, you’ve time to go do it. Okay, maybe not in every case because if you regret not having a baby and you’re really old, then it might be best to find another regret like not sky diving and try that instead, if you get my meaning. Basic idea? Stop thinking, just do it. (Thanks, Nike. I’d have never thought of it myself!)

And with that, my wish tonight is for appreciation. Sometimes, I get so busy with all the crap I think important that I fail to notice kindness, and unconditional generosity. I have been shown such goodness by so many. Thank you. I appreciate it. And truly, all around there are stunning people doing extraordinarily amazing things like getting up, making breakfast, taking their kids to school and going to work. Fabulous! Thanks Mom for doing that every day for me. I don’t think I appreciated it then. I do now.

Until tomorrow…




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