Give it a go…

laughing.jpgI’m a sucker for a good romance. Always have been. Girl meets boy, falls for boy who is an arse, saves boy who everyone else thinks is on a course of irrevocable destruction, and off they ride down a dusty road middle fingers held high. Mustang convertible and sunset, optional. Sigh.

Smitten, you see. Over the moon, full on madly in love with romance. Further, I believe in happily ever after. Seriously. To the death, believe. Just because I’ve not actually experienced the epic lovecapades of Cinderella, Elizabeth Bennett or Buttercup, does not mean The Notebook isn’t being lived out verbatim by a gorgeous pair right this instance. Another sigh.

It’s alright. It’s because I’ve been immersed in the romantic world of business research reports all day. Heavens, I desperately need some Outlander. Oh hey, has anyone seen The Durrells? Good, really really good.

Anywho, tonight’s wish is once again about doing what you love, what makes you smile, what brings you joy. So wishing tonight for a burst of belly shaking, snorting piggy noise, tears down the cheeks, laughter. Come on, you know you want to. Go ahead, just laugh. It feels so good, yeah? Hahahahaha…hahah…hahahahahah…

Until tomorrow…


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