Show up and shine on!

Showup.jpgStill asking some serious questions of myself, like why I feel yeck out of the blue in waves for no apparent reason, or what my real purpose is? (Yes, I realize I am too old to be asking the latter question.) The first question I might have gained some insight into today. The second, well I need to maybe write out some lists of dos, wanna dos, and don’ts but one umbrella thought struck when thinking mainy about the yecks – I’d need to be grateful for them.

When the news of Prince’s death broke this week, the global community of music lovers shouted “NO”. It seems we’re watching what appears to be a mass exodus of greats. Conspiracy? Maybe it is, actually. Maybe we are being asked to step up, each and every one of us, and make music. Not literally silly, but yet, sort of.

This constructed society we’re in likes celebrity and all its trappings. We place them on pedestals and pay homage, seek out answers, and form cults of worship (fan clubs). Now don’t go getting all modern on me because we’ve been doing this for a long, long, long time. Nefertiti was a celeb, as were Nero and Confucius. Names too numerous to mention have influenced human behaviour en masse for probably ever and we keep fanning the flames of this somewhat manic conduct still. While bits of admiring are perfectly good and fine and understandable, as with most things, we need balance. Logic would also be helpful. Anywho, Prince, and Bowie, Frey, and Kantner to name but a few of the ‘stars’ extinguished of late, while leaving a ginormous hole, might well be asking us to ‘sing our own special songs’.

It would be ridiculous of me to suggest that Prince was anything less than a stellar musician who could move like a gazelle and sparkle like a nebula. Furthermore, it would be sheer folly to say there are tons of equally talented peeps out there just like him but that’s exactly what I’m going to say. We’ve not heard of them, though. Why? Because what made Prince shine brightly enough so we’d all see his light was his unshakeable, unwavering belief in himself. Confidence. Oh, and showing up helps a lot, too. Prince made music over and over and over again.

So I’m seeing a message flash before me. It reads DO what you LOVE. Oh, I know what you’re thinking. Clichés – again! That’s okay. I understand. But listen, I think we are blessed with millions of shining stars who can illuminate a way for us and unless we do what we love, we’ll never know whether or not we are one of them. Those spectacularly bright talents that have left might well be asking us to start shining. Just a thought.

And my wish tonight? Let’s simply believe in our own unique and glorious gifts, our own light. ET did it along with countless others. We love them for it. Hey, some have even been killed because of it. So let’s show we get how important each and every one of us is. Let’s break with convention, step out of the boxes of tradition that no longer work for us and then party like it’s 1999!

Until tomorrow…

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