What matters most…

IMG_0108I’ve questions tonight. Not for me, although I’ll benefit, but for ya’ll. The first one is “Amongst your things what is your most prized possession? If your house was on fire and your family and pets safe, is there one thing you’d need to get your hands on before you escaped the flames? Next question is, “Do you know where that ‘thing’ is?

All my moving about has caused me to purge a lot over the years and yet, I’ve still tons. So privileged, yes? Anywho, I’m noticing how much I have as I ready to move again. I’ve way too many clothes – too many coats, shoes, tops, and bottoms. I’ve mementos and pictures, and a few books I’ll never read again. I’ve kept too much jewellery – most of it costume. And no matter how much I give away or sell, I still seem to have too much! A first world problem. Oh, and it gets worse. I pack seasonally and now every time I open a vacuum bag or container, I utter the same words. “I kept that why?”

So today while trying to work a bit, write a bit, and organize the packing a bit, it hit me. “I like 90% of the things I have but what I’d ‘grab’ if I had to escape are some pictures of my girls and a few rings that have been in the family. I think we all have items we feel are irreplaceable. And that’s okay. I am so grateful that I have special things. And even more grateful knowing that they do not matter.

What matters is passion, how we love, how we serve.

My wish tonight is for a renewal of conviction. I remember a time when helping mattered a great deal. I went out of my way to at least try. To my credit, I used to sing for the love of it. And here’s the thing. I believe that anything we do for the joy it brings us, helps. If we are doing something for the sheer love of it, it cannot help but be fuelled by our conviction. It helps us reach deeper, and it helps others who get to share in all that bliss we feel.

P.S. I remain firmly convicted to the belief that I will receive the information about my mother that I’ve long asked for and long been promised.

Until tomorrow…






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