Allowing acceptance…

Not as it seemsSeriously, I tried to be responsible today, do some work. I failed for the most part. I succeeded at staying pretty grounded though stopping myself from looking at the forest. It was challenging. That’s what I find amazing, how subtle and layered behaviours are, or at least those that have the greatest impact and influence on us.

Old habits, even the ones we know are lousy, do not shift with ease. I’ve day dreamed since I can remember, imagining myself the centre of attention in someone else’s life. I’m all about dreaming, and imagining is energizing, but like everything balance is key. Chasing a dream becomes analogous to any other addiction when the dreamer seeks out the fantasy over reality. Or is there something else going on?

I bet no one foresaw Oprah’s success. Edison’s teacher thought him addled. We’ve all heard what we can or cannot do from well-meaning family or friends, too. But what if we saw ourselves doing something and never strayed from that vision, losing ourselves in the notion that we were the best talk show host in the world, or whatever particular vision belonged to us.  For me it was singing. I saw myself doing it and did. And there’s tons of other examples, but mainly it’s that way. It is the law of attraction. So why don’t all our dreams come true then? Because we do not let them become the real deal.

At this stage, I won’t give up on some of my wild desires. True, I’m becoming more selective, if you think I’ve given up on winning the lottery for example, you’d be wrong. You see, it’s not about giving up on any desires, it’s about believing them possible and being ready to accept them when they show up.

Tonight, I’m wishing for the fortitude to accept the dream when it enters the real world, allow the birth as it were. I wish we would not miss the tree beside us because we’re looking at the forest in the distance. Sounds silly, yes? Why would you want to sing, be a talk show host, or an inventor only to turn away from the opportunity to do so? More common than you might think. Fear of failure, fear of success, or plain old fear tells us we cannot do it, make it, or be it. It seems failure can be sickeningly enticing so that’s the choice we make – to fail. Sadly, we then invent a story blaming others or ourselves or both. What a mess! Would it be sweeter to sing, talk, and bring light? I’m thinking yes. Let’s shine!

Until tomorrow…


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