Shine on!

Shine on.jpgGuidance, intuition, luck, or whatever you wanna call it appears in all shapes and all sizes all the time. For example, to hearken back to my accident of a couple of weeks ago, I was damn lucky, protected on so many levels in a situation that could have rendered me dead – stone cold – in a heartbeat. Instead, I’m unscathed on all those levels. Furthermore, I took an unworthy car off the road, damaged nothing other than that car, and got to hang out on the M5 with some decent blokes. All good. Of course, earlier I had not wanted to drive that car to Bristol. I went against my intuition. Hm. All good lessons hard learned.

A couple of days ago, another odd thing happened. Usually tenants give notice. Not so with us because our landlord wants his house back. Another ‘hm’. We’ve a month to gather things up, find a place, and move. No biggie, right? Okay, it’s a big biggie. Really. Or it was, until today. And while it is still an odd thing to be happening, it’s all part of the bigger picture. What’s even odder, is that I’ve decided to return to drifting.

When I came to England it was to settle. And I have settled here. It is my heart’s home. But if you’ve been reading, you’ll know I still live out of my suitcase. 99% of my worldly goods remain packed away in a big steel box, too, which is now a very convenient thing, you see, because we’re simply going to fill that box even more, and find a couch or three to sleep on for a while. The only thing I’ll miss is my daily smoothy so am hatching a plan to ensure I’ve always got a blender handy. Lol.

And all of this brings me calm. I know! Isn’t that strange? But it’s not really. Here’s why.

The alternative was to rush into a place. That brought fear to my heart. The discussion revolved around temporary accommodation until a few issues are sorted. But why would we do that? Drifting is also temporary and unloading once is much easier than setting up a house only to dismantle it shortly thereafter. And, I know of what I speak because I’ve been doing this for over four years now! So, finding temporary space like a room for two, or even one is much, much easier not to mention grossly more economical! Good, better, best plan. Sometimes you need to sit with what’s bothering you and let the solution manifest in its time. Rushing into what is traditional only perpetuates a cycle, yeah? Another gnarly lesson.

We live in a society that expects sameness. WASP’s behave accordingly. We judge harshly when someone even considers living outside those clearly delineated borders of correctness and propriety. If, heaven forbid, they actually follow through on a different path, we heap scorn and treat them as outcasts. Not the right action, me thinks.

Over these years of wandering, I have detached more and steadily more from the convention of ‘home’. Okay, yes, of course I’d love to have one! But it must come from a place of freedom. What? Here’s what I mean.

What I hear being said over, and over, and over again is how much something costs, the burden of the expense of this, that, or the other. People mention repeatedly how they need to keep doing this (which they hate) so they can keep this (which is some ‘thing’). I cannot live like that any longer. I am neither guided to, nor is my intuition allowing me to feel lucky to be a part of the burden of this pattern. Breaking free was not easy and although ‘it’ gets easier it is only because I am happier. That happiness is born from peace of mind that results from listening to my heart. And, I’ll add that these days, I have no choice. My heart is on a trajectory bringing me with it.

So my wish today is that we all seek out the freedom that comes from following our one true path. We are born with a knowing, so let’s return there and ask some questions if need be. What is my heart’s desire? How can I truly be of service? That cosmically aligned infant had the answers because she was still warmed by stardust’s energy. But fear not. We can return there. Just close your eyes. See them? They are us. We are them. We are the glimmer and sparkle of a billion stars. And we can always shine.

Shining on until tomorrow.




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