Special is as special does…

Angel.jpgToday was something special. Of course, every day is special just that today was specialer. And of course I know that ‘specialer’ isn’t a word. Moving on.

So, this afternoon I had some great ideas. I failed to capture them. It seems whilst driving, my mind and Muse romp freely in inspirational fields of gold. I say, “I’ll remember!” And then no big surprise, I do not. Unlike a few other times, tonight, I can’t even come close to a fragment of whatever stream of thought I was on about this aft. Damn. Thus, me mind is blank and I must move on to a wish.


I’m wishing tonight for grace in the art of releasing. What does that actually mean? For me it means the ability to recognize something painful or traumatic – really see, feel it, breathe it – then begin gradually but with stern resolve, to release it. It could be like letting go, but letting go has become synonymous with ignoring, walking away from, and is too often attached to someone or something outside of ourselves. Releasing is consciously allowing a memory, an action, or a behaviour from within to show itself fully. Allowing can make you ill, can terrify you, but it will not kill you. Over time and with regular practice, releasing the pain, the trauma, the shame or guilt, can make you healthier, happier, and set you on the path to freedom. And who doesn’t want more freedom?

Until tomorrow…


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