Expanding a little…

HandsWent out for my ‘after the fact’ birthday party tonight to a funky little Caribbean restaurant where we listened to reggae whilst chatting, then eating, then chatting some more. It was fun. I’m happy. Hmm. Happy, what does that actually mean?

I’m old on a scale of 1-50. In fact, I’m so old I’m not even on that scale! And I realize because I’m living it that life alters ever so subtly as we age. So subtly in fact that change isn’t noticed until it is. And then it’s like, “holy shit!” But is that real or in our minds? Probably both.

I don’t want to get old. When I look at my skin, however, I know despite the desire, I’ve little say. Is that absolute? So far, on this plain of reality, yeah it’s the truth. But hey, we used to live shorter lives – much, much shorter lives. Hell, even animals are living longer lives. Is it the food? Maybe it is the pharma. But maybe, just maybe, it’s the sheer will, or simply put, the desire. Not to mention, evolution.

As most you know, I’ve a history with the RC church. I was a liturgist who dabbled in Christology whilst working as a music director. Anywho, here’s a thought. The NT states Jesus said we need only the tiniest of seeds of belief – he used mustard as an example because it’s barely visible to the naked eye – to move mountains. Yes, bloody mountains! Are we missing something here? What the hell are these wisdom teachers spouting off?

Before Einstein departed this mortal coil, he supposedly suggested we spend a bit more time working on our human potential. He admired and encouraged all kinds of scientific pursuits, just sort of thought maybe we needed to put energy into an “us” instead of into an “it”. Yeah. Uh huh. I see a thread here leading me back to happy.

If it’s true that happiness is a key to longevity, then it might be true that happiness is also a key to moving a mountain. I know I’m usually on about love, and love’s got to be there too, which makes perfect sense, but in a nutshell, being happy is impossible when you’re out of sync or simply not being present in the moment. And in that moment, all is possible. Age matters not. The mountain will move. The skin matters not.

I am wishing tonight for no abuse. Like the belief that we can move a mountain, we must be aware when we are holding the mountain in its place. We can feed the patterns of neglect just as we can feed the patterns of abuse. Let’s be ever watchful so that we teach others how to be kind, by our actions. That we teach others how to love, by our actions. That by our actions, others will grow and expand. Sounds like happiness, yeah?

Until tomorrow…







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