Shortly sweet…

ShineI have not written lately except here. At least that’s something. And while writing of any kind is great, I do need to find Muse and get back to Adopting Elizabeth. I miss her. I miss writing about her and her adventures. I miss learning what messed her up and what set her straight. It’s soothing to let the words come, word that flesh out and illuminate her life.

I’ve been reading beautifully crafted stories lately. Some written in one or two sentences, yet so perfectly formed an entire life springs from them. That’s good – no, that is great – writing. I figure I need to start dating my thesaurus again. We had a flaming romance for a while. It would be a good idea to rekindle it.

I’m wishing tonight for knowing. The kind of knowing that comes from deep inside and tells you you’ve got it going on. It tells you the light that sparked you into being is never wrong, or silly. It’s the light of a thousand stars and the rush of thousand winds and it all pales in comparison to you. Shine on.

Until tomorrow…


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