Blending thoughts…

Peaceful1Wonderfully tired today. Maybe all my dancing on the highway has caught up with me. Whatever, I’m quite exhausted. At least my head has stopped replaying my waltzing, but my body still remembers feeling I was going to start rolling over. Like my now empty head, I’m sure that sensation will fade away, too.

I asked for more writing work a bit ago, and the beautiful co-creative whirlwind continues with exquisite precision. After a few odd jobs, all sweet, I received a request for advice. Shortening the story for succinctness, I’m in the process of negotiating said job now. Fingers crossed I can figure this out. It will help in many ways and continue to secure my offerings online along with possibly assisting with my immigration application. All lovely.

So today, as mentioned is a ‘tired’ day. It’s also an ‘eating’ day. Do you ever have those? It’s like, “Hm, I’ll have a thick smoothie.” So, I blend up nuts and fruits, some super foods added to coconut milk and, drink. Maybe an hour passes and I’m scouring the fridge. This goes on all day between sleeps. It’s now 10:30PM and I’ve just finished dinner. I finally feel full. Happily so. Also ready to sleep again. Yay.

Between dreams, I pondered the mystery of meetings today, how people find each other. Do the stars conspire to bring certain of us together? It would seem so. Waxing romantic has never been a proclivity of mine, at least not out loud. Chance encounters and the stuff of knights do play in my imagination, of course, but I’m a bit off point. I was actually considering something more specific such as how people are tossed together via work, a seat on a plane, an accident. They may have families, partners. They may come from opposite ends of the planet, be from different cultures, and yet they are meant for a time to be together. Sometimes meetings are simple – girl next door scenario – while other narratives are nothing short of extraordinary. I also suppose, it is dependent upon a soul contract, a desire, and a point of attraction. Whatever the case may be, because I do not believe in coincidence, all transpires according to a beautiful design. Yes, even the nasty stuff. And we are the designer. Phenomenal.

Tonight I wish for a heart at peace. Just for a moment, breathe in. Holding that breathe, erase all doubt, all fear, all pain and sorrow. Now exhale it away. Believe in that moment that all dreams are possible. How do you feel? Try to embed that feeling so you can return to it time and time again. That feeling of a peaceful heart can be revisited and when used, can become more the normal, displacing anger, frustration, and judgment with – guess what? – peace. Give it a chance.

Until tomorrow…


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