Timing is…

CheddarAm in a beautiful spot tonight starring at the setting sun. Even yesterday’s tumult has not shaken the contentment I feel here. Quite remarkable, actually. The turn of phrase, “home is where the heart is” is my reality. You can’t make this stuff up. You can’t pretend you feel something like this when you do not. And, you cannot know what it feels like until experienced. It’s that simple.

I still plan to speak about The Crone this weekend, on my birthday which is Sunday. Wow. It’s been a year since this blog began under a different name with a different woman writing and vlogging, in fact. Different because the redoing has peeled and prodded, exposed and required a fessing up. A year of change, of facing fears, of swallowing pride and of taking responsibility. And one thing I would never have been able to do had I not done the work this year, would be to dance into The Crone. Who wants to get old? Well, I’m not old. NO. I am a wise woman, an archetypal seer. That is who Crone is, not a haggard, withered human, feared and reviled.

We are who we believe ourselves to be so be the leading lady, okay? Your story is yours and yours alone. No one else can write it. Truly. Trying to create a life based on another’s plan will likely make you miserable. So write your own story. Blame no one, not even yourself. Forgive everyone, including yourself. Take a deep breathe, and move into the real you. Boogie on.

Wishing tonight for sunsets that make you smile. Hugs that leave you safe and warm. Now, just for a second, embrace the world, all those who are lost, alone, struggling, and in need. Hold them in the shadow of that setting sun, in your arms that offer safety and warmth. We are one writing an astonishing saga.

Until tomorrow…



3 thoughts on “Timing is…

  1. Wow, sometime (I know you will find this hard to believe) but words do just escape me. It has been a year and I can remember talking to you a long while ago about going on this adventure and I am one who is so glad you did. I came to know more about you on a personal level but nothing has changed in my regards for you. You are one brave intelligent and admirable lady who has shared so much with us all. While in yourself I am sure you feel transformed but I have to say that to me, what you did was to just peel a few layers away and the wonderful person who was and is always within shone forward a little brighter for your journey. Love you girl, keep on keepin’ on as the old folks used to say.

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