CarsOver these months I’ve wished for miracles. Miracles come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve also blathered on a lot about kindness, and getting what you focus on. Today, I manifested miracles and kindness. I found myself being cared for with tenderness and humour when both were needed. I learned a lot today.

Dear friends are cruising around jolly ole and we met in Bristol for lunch. Although it’s only been a few months, it was so good to see them. We parted with hugs and I climbed into my loaner car from the garage. If you’ve been following you know my little gift-of-a-car has been misbehaving hugely as of my Brighton weekend. Anywho, with my borrowed sat nav programmed, I struck off for home and only made a few wrong turns in Bristol City Centre before making my way to the M5.

About 45 minutes from home, I spun out. Not sure what I did, but I over corrected for some reason and couldn’t get control back. When I let go of the wheel, the car drifted into a complete spin and I knew I was crossing three lanes of expressway and heading back into oncoming traffic. I could see cars whizzing by and then the steel centre barrier stopped me cold. I was thinking seconds before I hit that I might be okay. And then I was not.

Of course it was awful and I felt terrible but here’s the thing. I didn’t hit anyone and no one hit me. The young man in the red Audi wagon I kept seeing as I zigged and zagged, stopped a car length from me. He was unscathed but stayed to help me. Paramedics travelling behind, saw the whole thing. They rushed to slow traffic flow and take care of me. I got my neck and back checked out. Red Audi man, put his coat around me. Then I called the garage. B_ said, “Yeah, you’re taking a piss!” until he realized I was not. He kindly said it was okay, to stay calm, and he was on his way.

2 paramedic teams, 3 fire engines, and 2 police units later, the car was moved across to the hard shoulder and I was told that today was not my day to go.

It was surreal watching things unfold on the highway, how quickly and efficiently teams did their job of cleaning and clearing. They came, they left and one would never know what had just happened. Eventually the now endless queue of vehicles started to move.

I still do not have a clue what happened out there today. It was so odd for me, and a part of me wants to kick myself. Why did I bring this into my world? It’s a violent and dangerously extreme way to learn a lesson, yes? Well, my attention’s been got, that’s for sure. But I know that much good came about today and more will come – much more.

We expect people to be angry when they’re put out. We expect officials to be, well, official. There was none of that today. Furthermore, I was taken care of with gentle and respectful kindness. I am so grateful. That written, I don’t expect people to be anything else and most times, that’s true. And since that’s the case, focussing on the ‘most’ seems to make more sense to me than keeping alive any story about the ‘least’. Miracles do happen, all the time.

Tonight I wish for love. Not the capital “L” kind I usually write about, but the simple human kind like the love between friends, or the love between you and your cat. Just like the capital “L” love, however, ordinary love heals, makes no demands, and accepts unconditionally. Ideally, anywho. Really loving is harder for some than others because to love means to surrender. It means to allow others to show their love, be themselves authentically, and drop the judgment. Sounds sweet, yes? Got a white flag handy?

Until tomorrow…




One thought on “Spinning…

  1. Sandra

    Goodness, are you OK today? How scary for you…
    I thought you were going to say it was a dream. You certainly had some guardian angels looking after you. And the others involved. Thank you God (other Higher Being)


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