Grateful for gratitude…

GivingHullo. I’m despondent tonight. Apparently no one even noticed I did not publish last night. Numero tres. I’ve missed 3 posts over the year and all very near the end and does anyone care? I’m crushed. Why do I bother? Hehe. Kidding, of course. Seriously though, did you notice? I’m going to guess, “no”. Lol.

So, I was away this weekend, yeah? It was fun. I would like to have seen more of the city, but it did not happen. I will have to visit again. Maybe not on a holiday weekend, though. The drive is a long one. My little gift of a car had an issue which made the drive quite an adventure. I made it there and home despite the chugging and stopping. With the sat nav, it was an almost flawless drive otherwise, and once I knew what was going on with the car, I simply had to pay close attention. A couple of times on the return journey, I seriously contemplated calling AA, but carried on. Such joy when I wheeled into my parking spot at home. Whew!

As a result of the weekend, I’ve a bit of inspiration and will need to follow through. I’ve still things to do re immigration paperwork la la la. Of course, that’s critical at this point. All the pieces are coming together for the waiting game, but in the meantime, I feel like a time waster. It’s not a nice feeling so I’d like to change it. Not sure how exactly other than simply making better use of my time. Makes sense.

So wishing tonight for gratitude and guidance. Gratitude, especially when feeling unsettled, is a no-brainer. Of course really, gratitude should be a daily practice, woven into all thoughts with joyful precision. Studies show when gratitude becomes like the air you breathe, everything shifts. You begin to repel worry and fear, accepting easily that all is in order. Therefore, if you are grateful for the stirrings of thoughts but do not know how to give them flesh, blood, and bone, simply remain that way – grateful. In time a direction will show up. It’s law.

Until tomorrow…

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