Always learning something…

HutsTonight’s going to be super quick. It’s late and I’d hoped to be in bed hours ago. However, as exhausting as the day was, it was also superb. I made it to Brighton unscathed. Driving with the sat nav was brilliant – seriously, brilliant – would never have made it without it. And in spite of major engine issues in my wee car, I arrived in time to take in the sun at Brighton Beach. Woot!

So, so far I’ve met two new peeps who are amazing. Tomorrow, three more. So cool! However, I’m feeling queasy and probably need some shut eye. Time to dream. Oh, and of course, no afternoon or evening meditation. Blah. Tomorrow.

I’d like to wish for understanding tonight. It’s challenging allowing others to be who they are without putting our desires on them. When we project those desires, mostly it is to make us happy. It has little to do with the other. When someone makes us uncomfortable, we want them to change so we can feel better. But that’s not fair. If, however, we understand that the uncomfortable feeling is meant to teach us something and has nothing to do the other person who is fine just as they are, we begin to grow. Understandably.

Until tomorrow…


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