Discoursing of course…

Owlflying3I’m going to keep this short tonight. Today’s been a day filled with words and I’m weary of them. The words today seemed to be for and about others. When I tried working on the book, it was nerve-wracking and frustrating. What I read was gibberish. I worked on bits in spite of my reactions, though, and I think I sort of have it sorted. I also think I might have to leave that part and move on. Blah. There’s a lot, a whole lot, of book left to write. Somehow I have to speed it up.

Anywho, good news. I picked up a bit more work which makes me happy. The papers that I lost, have been found, and my weekend away with a group of wild women is finally here. Getting away will be a good thing, I think. Not that everything isn’t wonderful, but I just feel I need a change of pace.

I’m going to ask for something in this blog before the wish. I may have asked for this before, but am nudging the energies that be as a gentle reminder. Please provide the information promised about my birth mother. Thank you.

Tonight I wish for gratitude. It has been chilly the last while and today several friends were buried under the ice and snow of an early spring storm. I have a warm home, warm clothes, and a warm bed to snuggle into tonight. There are those who do not. I am grateful for all that I have, and for those who remind me of that. I am grateful for a reminder to pay it forward and to be kind to one and all. I am grateful.

Until tomorrow…

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