Seventh sense…

GhostSo last night, or rather early this morning, a book fell on me. Yes, a book. You see I sleep beneath these built in shelves and obviously, there are some books on them. They’ve been there, up above my head, all this time so am surprised they decided to suddenly fall on me at 5:45 AM Saturday morning, March 19. Anyway, they did and I’m confused – oh, and unbruised.

This little book falling got me to wondering about ghosts, and goblins, and such. Do you believe in them? I do, but I’ve seen them, talked to them and been talked at by them for a good chunk of my life. Many of you will poo-poo that as the meanderings of a nutter, but I know what I know.

Now, I used to say I was like the kid named Cole in “The Sixth Sense”, but that was an exaggeration. I was never that bothered or able to see with that degree of clarity the spirits I knew were near. No, my psychic connection is more like having a fly buzzing around your head. Annoying as all get out and you can’t use a swatter to get it rid of it. Sure, sometimes it is okay and I know what steps to take. Mostly, however, I don’t have a clue. Is it real, a living person I picked up stuff from, or an actual spirit? Yeah, sometimes I know, but mostly I don’t have a clue. Enough about ghosts.

Thing is, there’s a lot I don’t know. There’s a lot I can only guess at. Mostly, I know that all of us are on a big ride and we forget that we made the ride. That means we can change the ride, but we forget that, too. We think it’s up to somebody else to make the changes. Maybe all these folks that talk to me, folks that aren’t here in solid form anymore, are trying to remind that there’s more to life than meets the eye.

Re-do 365 is almost done. So much has changed and continues to change. I’ve chipped away, steadily and honestly, doing some of the hardest work of my life. I’m proud of myself. So much has changed! Oh, and it’s not over yet.

But right now, however, I’m blurry so will wind up. Maybe it’s not a poltergeist. Maybe it’s the equinox. Of course, it could just be me. 🙂

Tonight I’d like to make a wish. It doesn’t matter what for; simply, make a wish. A wish to love more, worry less, take responsibility for, and judge less. Anything. Wish for a grateful heart, wish for laughter and fun. Wish that pain be relieved with a kiss, and that hugs can heal a broken heart. Wish for wisdom and world peace. Wish for fresh air and clean water. Wish for it all. Keep your wish close, feel it, mull it over, imagine it happening. Just for tonight, make a wish.

Until tomorrow…



2 thoughts on “Seventh sense…

    1. Frances Sullivan

      Okay. Are you joshing with a movie line (which is perfectly fine 😉), or do you get it? Hey, have you ever caught something with your camera? I’ve a pic with an image. Don’t know where it is now, but the developer said, yep, it’s a ghost. It was so obvious.


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