Busy? No!

ArmsI don’t know when I started doubting, but it must have been a long time ago. It wasn’t like I didn’t chip in and help people do some hard jobs over the years. Truth be told, I did it a lot. Too much maybe. Regardless, at some point, I realized that in spite of helping out, when I needed help, people were ‘busy’. Or were they?

Today a new friend went out of his way to lift and carry a lot of heavy stuff. I was able to go through some boxes, move things around in my storage locker, and bring a few things home with his help. What an amazing gift! It meant a lot to me.

As I look back, now, with a new perspective, I see that I have been blessed with wonderful and generous friends who were not ‘busy’ after all. I’ll explain.

The tragic heroine needs problems, failures, let downs – you know – disasters! Those are her bread and butter. Over time, she may not even realize she’s masterminding the chaos, but trust me, she is. How do I know? Because that was (past tense) me! Present tense, I’m happy to let go of the drama, and expect no disasters.

Because I believe we get what we think about, if I don’t think people will be ‘busy’, they will not be. And wow, this works. Brilliantly.

I’m wishing tonight for the gift of allowing. When you ask for something you desire, especially if you’re super specific, do you trust it will come? Certainly. And you don’t think about how. You can’t ask how. But can you allow it when it shows up? Think about it. How many times have you asked for something and turned it down when it arrives? Think long and hard. Be honest. Ah, right, I thought you might remember the time you asked to dance and then turned off the music.

Until tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “Busy? No!

    1. Frances Sullivan

      You are not alone in that struggle. However, working at is good. Asking and letting go doesn’t mean forgetting about your desire. You are still imagining what it would be like to have it, living as if it were already a part of your life. When you hear yourself ask “how” smile and say, I don’t know and that doesn’t matter, then get back to trusting it is on its way and living the dream. Thanks for getting in touch. Great question. xx

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