A daydream believer…

DaydreamAfter walking the coastal path in this morning’s gale, I hit the studio to rehearse. My version of Roy Orbison’s Crying is legendary, or so says Chris Martin who popped in. He sang along with me on a third take. He read the comments Macca posted on the death of George Martin and then waxed reverently about Martin’s mixing prowess and contribution to music. The room nodded.

Of course, that story’s made up. I’m flexing my imagination muscle by daydreaming. It’s fun.

So tonight it’s all about wishing for the innocence of daydreams. Children have it right when they create other realities, other worlds to sing in, to dance in. So when you cannot speak, drift into a world where everyone sings. Maybe in that place of pure fantasy, the next Coldplay is giving birth to new music. Sounds like paradise to me.

Until tomorrow…


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