A crone of note…

CroneA long time ago, and again over the last couple of days, a topic moved into my consciousness. It feels now as it felt then, inspirational in nature. In fact, it meant so much to me several decades ago I included it in my Valedictory address at University. I am referring to the crone, or more accurately, The Crone.

Because my degree is in Women’s Studies, you might guess (or not) there was much banter about Maiden, Mother, and Crone during my years of study. We threw the names around freely, labelling women accordingly. We appeared to wear those labels well.

At that time we were well aware of scholarly debates about the origin of the Triple Goddess. Was it rooted in ancient practice or instead, the product of a 19th century writer? Whatever the truth, Neopaganism adopted the three goddess concept because of its correlation to the female life cycle and moon phases, as did feminists, Jungians, and critical theorists alike. Since I tend to acquiesce to group-smarts on most things, I do on this topic, too. It’s easier. Plus, I like the word’s meaning when used in the context of the Triple Goddess. It shifts from hag to an archetypal Wise Woman. Etymologically, a crone or hag is typically disagreeable, sinister, with dark supernatural powers. Legend and folklore often paints her with an ugly brush, too. So yes, I prefer The Crone whose powers and wisdom enhance her beautiful being.

Lately, The Crone has begun remerging and it is time to acknowledge her anew. I’m not sure how she will take shape, but it will not be in a traditional way. I’m no long nosed, stooped and toothless, shakily voiced old lady. No siree. My outward image is very different and my inside image is different, too. I am not a victim.

One of the precepts of Re-do 365 was language and addressing aspects of it. I’ve discussed it from time to time but rather half-heartedly. Stepping into The Crone means speaking with intent. How? One word at a time.

It’s late now, so I cannot take this further. I need to pay close attention to what I’m writing so will continue tomorrow.

My wish is for growth. The kind of growing that puts weight on our legs so we stand stronger. It is for growth that helps us stand firm while the wind tugs at our roots. It’s for growing with courage and fortitude, with happiness and confidence. Let’s grow so we never waiver and know completely that we are thinking, moving, and acting from love.

Until tomorrow…


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