Go ahead, it’s okay…

Buddha heartPermission. What a beautiful word! You know all my chatter lately about being tired? Well, today I gave myself permission to just be tired. In an instant, I fell asleep and dozed on and off all day. In the early evening I started to feel better, livelier, and clearer of mind. Permission.

What I realized is this. When feeling anything on the lower end of things, it’s easy to resist that feeling. We fall into it for whatever reason, and the struggle begins. We wonder why, try to push ourselves to feel different, berate our tiredness, or headache, or another’s actions, or whatever is dragging us down. As a result, we begin building resistance to what is going on. So in my case, by giving myself permission to allow the tiredness, I opened the door to healing faster and to learning a few things, namely that resistance is just not helpful.

I learned something else, too. Of course we all know that feeling unwell is simply an imbalance. The kind of tired I’m feeling is not because of a physical issue but rather a spiritual, or psychic imbalance. Empaths understand this. I’ve been connecting with folks lately because I can and because I want to, but I am not grounded. I’m not balanced enough to be empathizing with others without hurting myself. But this problem is easily corrected. I simply need to meditate more and increase my yoga practice. How fun is that solution! Yay.

And with that, although I could wax on forever about this topic because I believe it is a fine one to discuss, I’ll end. It’s late. I must meditate and get to sleep before 10 o’clock. Why? I think it will help.

So I wish for the gifts that giving yourself permission can bring. Letting go is an important part of gaining awareness. When we hold on to the subtleties of resistance, we cannot let go of patterns of behaviour that repeat and repeat. This phenomenon of recurring behaviours can only begin to erode once we give ourselves permission to simply feel what we are feeling, fully aware that we will feel better when it passes. Who knows what lessons we will learn from giving ourselves permission to simply “be”?

Until tomorrow…


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