You just never know…

SmileGosh, I don’t know what to say tonight except that this tiredness has overtaken me – big time. I did get out in the fresh sea air and sun today hoping that would give me a boost. It not only did not, it’s left me feeling like a complete slug. A beautiful coastal walk with nary a hill had me working overtime! Mind it was a three hour, give or take, walk and the wind was cold, but really, it should have been a snap. Oh well, I’ll figure this out in time – I hope.

So when I got home I wanted to work on my project but couldn’t keep my eyes open. I dozed a bit until dinner which was a surprise of lovely curry from the restaurant across the street. It was scrumptious with an assortment of rice, korma, dal, and breads. Indian take-away has become comfort food for me over the years.

I did some more work after eating but am too tired to continue. Before starting the blog I turned on Philomena, the movie with Judi Dench and Steve Coogan. Its subject matter rattles me. How we humans hurt and go on to thrive. We’re amazing.

My wish tonight if for gentle gazes. I’ve a quick story to share – it’s true. Recently, I went to lunch with a friend. When walking up from the sea afterwards, I noticed a young man coming toward us. It seemed to me he had a lot on his mind. He looked at me but then away. I caught his gaze again, however, and smiled warmly at him. As we passed, I couldn’t know that he was a hairstylist and wanted to do my hair. I also couldn’t know he was indeed struggling and that my smile lightened his mood – made his day. How do I know all of this? He’s the fellow who does my daughter’s hair and I spent a good part of the day with him yesterday as he coloured and trimmed my hair. You just never know the changes a loving gaze or a happy glance can make. Believe it.

Until tomorrow…

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