To sunflowers and time-turners…

Van GoghI’ve spent a good part of the day working on my website. Funnily enough over the years I have worked on lots of others’ sites. Why have I not made one for meself until now? I’ve thought it’s likely got a lot to do with my well-honed if controversial strategy of procrastination. I’m wishy-washy about my skills and offerings, too. So, well, there you have it. No website. But this year of review has changed me and I’m happy now to be designing a fun site with which to extol my many virtues on. I’ll not drag it out, either. I’ll have something done by weekend or early next week. Kind of exciting.

So the last few days have been chilly and sunny here. Quite a change. The recent full moon and other significant changes in my everyday days might be taking a toll. Anywho, I’m quite exhausted. Really tired. And I’m not quite sure what to do about it. Sleep, I suppose. And perhaps actively getting things doing, like the website will lighten the tasks and remove some weight. It’s important sometimes to allow rest, though, although I do sit a great deal. And I know I’ve complained about being tired intermittently over the year. I wonder if it’s resistance of sorts. Ah, that might be it. I’ll need to think about that. A part from being weary, I feel great, limber and healthy. Just, well, tired. Duh. Lol.

Speaking of resistance, I’ve been breaking that down into bits lately, aware when it rises up in me and when it’s active. Desire for something is natural and we desire lots of things. Unfortunately we prevent the realization of our desires when we do not allow, which means, resist.

For many of you, this type of talk sounds new age-y, far from practical and the like. I get that. But I’m finding truth in the application of these principals of attracting and allowing. I see it in others as their lives become more fulfilling and issues resolve with greater ease. And I’m seeing it for me, too. Oh, and it’s not easy. It requires one perform their due diligence to a change of heart and mind. It requires trust, which is a perfect segue into wishing.

My wish tonight is for the courage to stop asking “how”? I might toss in “but”, too. When we were little dreaming of being something, we seldom asked how it would happen. We just wanted to be this, or that. There were plenty of adults around telling us we couldn’t, however, and a lot of us bought their story. But thankfully, others did not. Others like J.K. Rowling, Oprah, Winston Churchill and Van Gogh, followed their hearts. They did not ask “how” and stopped using “but” to preface a litany of excuses. They simply “did”. I mean seriously, Van Gogh sold one painting. It didn’t stop him from chasing his passion. I’m very grateful for I truly love his paintings. So come on, let’s believe in what we want and then go about our day trusting it will happen just as it is meant to. We really do not need to know “how” at all.

Until tomorrow…

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