Men In BlackToday was unexpected. It started with yoga and dissolved into further pampering. Ah, gotta love it. At the end of it I have a new “do” and liking it a lot. Feeling gooood!

I also squeezed in some work today, not on my website, but for a client’s project. Currently, I’m doing what I’ve done a fair bit of in the past – a sector research document. It’s fun. Did I ever mention that I write a ghost blog? Well, I did but that particular project is fini. There’s a good chance there will be more because this long-standing client has more blogs in the pipeline, but the plan was for twenty in a series and it’s done for the moment. Anywho, this is the kind of work I’m pitching for with my new website. I’m excited about the possibilities.

Tonight I’m watching MIB3. I like Will Smith and can’t think of any movie of his I’ve not liked. Years back he played opposite Gene Hackman in Enemy of the State. It’s still a favourite although I’m enjoying watching him tonight.

So I think I’ll go watch my movie and send off with wishes of gratitude, but of a particular kind. I’d like to ask each of you to thank your body for being such an amazing vessel. Thank your heart for its beats, your lungs for their breaths. Gratitude at the cellular level can alter DNA. My wish is that we begin to feed our bodies with the purest of intention – unbroken gratitude.

Until tomorrow…



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