Only the good words…

HeartPart of this year was about paying attention to words and their meanings. I hear differently than 10 months ago and am grateful for the words that ring in my ears now. Oddly, I’m certain the words are the same, but now they vibrate with the intention I place in my hearing – the intention to hear only the good words.

It’s not a trick. Intending works. I can put it in different ways, and often have these past months, but focussing on what you want to see or as in this case hear, changes what you see and hear. If I want to see gloom and doom, I will see that. If I want to see glorious sunsets and green rolling hills, that is what I’ll see. And while it’s easy to see green rolling hills in Devon, I could just as easily see nothing but grey storm clouds and rain because there’s plenty of that here, too.

Tonight I’ll cut this short for a couple of reasons the least of which is, I’m a bit weary. It was sunny here again today and I think it’s got me firing on too many neurons. In other words, the weather’s got me all fired up! Lol. But it’s all good and the sun is a lovely sight to see.

So I’m wishing for the sweet breathe that comes with spring. The air is scented with a glorious perfume once winter departs. The smell heralds new growth, rebirth, and change. It is the change intended by Mother Nature who reminds us that like the seasons, we have purpose. We can rest in the winter but will spring forth as the days grow longer, the sun warmer. It is the eternal ebb and flow of life. It’s easy to see but wait, easy to hear, too, in the tunes sung morning and evening by songbirds who serenade with only the good ‘words’.

Until tomorrow…


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