Answers are important…

Country landI read something this week about questions. If you read this blog, you know I’m big on them. They help narrow things down, bring me around to the specifics of a situation, and get me focussed. I need to ask questions a lot because I tend to wander around in my thoughts until I’m so far off course…well you get the idea. The questions get me back to the path again. But sometimes I get bored, or lazy, and don’t want to answer the questions – not really. Ah ha. Not a good idea. This is where, according to what I was reading, we can make a critical error.

In my case, I’ve gotten better (far from perfect) at asking questions. Sometimes, however, as mentioned, I’ll ask the question and run from the answer. When I do that, it leaves the question floating around in my head. My focus remains on the question. What am I attracting now?

You know I’m a big law of attraction fan. In order to reap the benefits of the law, I must watch my thoughts, language, and attitude closely. Positivity, clarity, and constancy are pretty important. I’m better every day at positivity but drop the ball more than I like with the other two which means I fail to follow through many times. When that happens, I don’t answer the questions and end up selling myself short.

Taking whatever time is necessary to discern what is best for me in any given situation is important. Answering the questions carefully means my desire becomes clearer. Eventually, a direction will likely begin to take shape and before I know it, I’ll be on my way to solving whatever appears to be holding me back, or keeping me in a constant state of overwhelm etcetera. In other words, if my attention is on the question, I’ll keep spinning. On the other hand, if my attention begins to move toward a solution… well, that’s a no brainer.

Now, the in-between bits are not always easy so I don’t want to be glib or make light of this process. Discernment can take time, energy. Ensuring the answers resonate with your heart and make you feel good can be difficult, even painful. It’s worth it though. At least I think it would be worth it. I’m still working my way through this, so can’t say for sure. However, it makes a lot of sense to me and I want to keep trying.

So my wish tonight coincides with all of the above. I wish for peace of mind and the patience to answer the questions honestly. The first wish for PoM is because the calm, usually born through meditation, is an enormous aid and needed to figure out the answer to your question. The patience is self-explanatory but there’s no point pretending. You’ll only end up attracting into your life what you’re resisting because it’s on your mind all the time, even if not consciously. See how that works? So ask the questions, but calmly and patiently work out the answers so you will bring those solutions into your world.

Until tomorrow…


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