Grace full…

LoveTried a video on my computer tonight and, well, as you can see I’m posting a boring old blog instead. Ever since switching to 10 and then back to 8, my computer’s been less user friendly. I need to sit down and do some reading about what might be going on, where files have been hijacked to, and why I seem to have duplicate lists. Anywho, I’ve done videos from here before and it’s worked out but tonight, not so much meaning it’s super late and I need to sleep.

Wishing for grace tonight. One desire of mine, among the many, is to become gentler. That also doubles for kinder. Over the last few days I’ve not been gentle, or kind. I’ve been angry, and pretty troubled. We all have these times, yes? What’s a little different now is that I’m questioning whether I should be trying to love this stuff away. The answer, of course is, love is the answer. So, I’ll wish for the grace to accept my failings and everyone else’s, too.

Until tomorrow…


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