Walking up hill…

WhiteroseIf I start writing tonight… when I start writing… I am writing tonight about little or nothing. Wait, it’s not nothing. Nothing would be a blank page. This page will have words on it. I am, therefore, writing tonight about something.

Today’s unplanned visit to a charming village in Devon was what the doctor ordered, although there was no doctor involved. Still, it was good to be out. The sun was making a rare appearance to it was even better being outside. The air was especially fresh, and the company, grand. This spot we visited is unique, built into the side of a steep rock. It’s straight up or down depending on your vantage point. Anywho, we made it easily down the stone path to the rocky beach, wandered a bit, then back up we went. The locals say, “One mile down, three up.” It’s because it kinda feels that way. But we did it and felt refreshed for our efforts. Later, I was witness to a sparkling crescent moon in a starry sky. What a day! But there was a glitch.

I’ll not elaborate too much because there’s no point. Let’s suffice it to say real tears are a useful way of getting to a place even though I got nowhere in spite of their help. Tomorrow is another day. At least I’m writing. Maybe that’s enough.

Wishing for miracles. Sometimes all anyone needs, if only just for a day, is someone else to shoulder the burden, take the weight, or lift the bag. It’s not really that a miracle is called for, but it would seem that way to the person who needs the helping hand. Sure, it might take more than a day. It might take a lifetime. Thing is, it would be a lifetime spent in the service of another and that might be, divine.

Until tomorrow…




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