Carol2Wow, so yesterday was heavy. Time to lighten things up a bit. My goodness!

Who among you has funny friends? Who thinks they’re particularly funny? My brother was hilarious and once upon a time, mimicking his style, I brought a house or three down. Honestly though, I don’t believe I’m quick enough, or smart enough, to be funny – really funny.

My western girl is very funny. She’s a nippy humour – the kind that sneaks up on you and bites you in the arse. She’s smart. Her dad was good at that, too, but she’s better. When the two sisters get together there’s a lot of water-out-of-the-nose, can’t catch your breath, red-face laughing. I absolutely love it – except when I’m the butt of the jokes – which I am more often than not. Still, hearing laughter is the next best thing to actually laughing, yeah?

The last week or so has been confusing and kind of taxing. I’ve been busy trying to learn some new lessons and then after the ranty post last night, I decided something funny was in order. You Tube was deployed. I found snippets of two greats – Jonathan Winters and Robin Williams. From there, I moved on to The Carol Burnett Show. Tim Conway is a comic genius. When I laugh for real, I pig-snort. There was much snorting going on. It felt soooo good! Of course I realized in short order I take things too seriously and desperately need to get over myself. I then wondered if real comedians, the brilliant ones, lighten up at all.

I was a class clown hiding my fears, insecurities, and the ache I felt for a world gone mad behind a wink and smile. I’m not hiding anymore but am not so much a clown anymore, either. Wherever did I leave my red nose and over-sized pantaloons? Must find them.

So tonight’s wish is kind of obvious. Laughter! Here’s to unwrapping a box holding copious guffaws and gazillions of chuckles. Here’s to hearts overflowing with glee and mouths opening wide with each chortle.

“I just read that 4,153,237 people got married last year. Hmm. I don’t want to cause trouble but shouldn’t that be an even number?” LOL

Until tomorrow…


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