Singing my song again…

Lisa singingOh my. It’s another late night so I’ll have to make this quick. Good news, though. The kids and I went to dinner at this wonderful place near the beach and stayed for open mic. I sang my little heart out. Hallelujah! No, seriously, Hallelujah was the song I sang. Leonard Cohen’s well used ditty. Hehe. And, the reviews were good – really good – so I’m feeling inspired and smug. I. Am. Awesome!

There were some pictures, and a couple videos taken by random audience members, so if I find any floating around the web, I’ll share they with ya’ll. Anywho, it felt good to conquer the fear. Certainly, my voice is not what it was at my peak, but it’s rewarding to do something you think you cannot do. I’ve been challenging myself pretty regularly now for many years. Why stop now?

So it is with confidence in the experience that I place my wish tonight for joyful courage. Stepping into your fear can be terrifying, but since we’re not talking about jumping off a building without a bungee cord, what can happen? You fail – miserably. Okay. Not likely a first, yeah? Alternatively, you can succeed – brilliantly. Even if it’s someplace in between, you did it! How does it feel? Pretty fucking fantastic, yeah? And don’t you dare let me catch you making an excuse. There are NO excuses allowed. Put a smile on your face, pull up your big girl pants, and run toward whatever it is you’re telling yourself you cannot do. Do not stop, just do it. Nike got their slogan from you, didn’t they? J

Until tomorrow…




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