Only nice words…

StrengthHave you ever been faced with a difficult situation that moved you rather surprisingly, showing you something about yourself you did not know? I’m pretty sure it’s happened to me a lot, but today’s event was out of the ordinary. It’s left me sad but more aware. How’s that possible? Here’s the drift.

Listening has become important to me. Oh, I still talk too much, but am becoming a better listener with practice. You can learn a lot more from listening, especially when there seems a challenge or three. It’s the only way I can stay present and positive, and it helps me figure out the right questions to ask if and when the time is right. Today, however, what I heard broke my heart.

Speaking down about others is a bad habit. When your words are chosen to cast dispersions or lay blame, they hang in the air like a viscous ooze. I am guilty of speaking like that. Hearing it today from someone else made me realize how much damage it does. It’s low, very low.

In another post I wrote about blame culture. Today I felt it. It’s not nice, but I’m not sure how to change it. Can it be changed at all? Of course, I can change my attitude and perspective. And, I can chose to remove myself. One thing I did was forgive myself for my own past behaviour. That’s the thing about noticing things, anything really, it’s a reflection of sorts, a chance to see something about our own lives. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worthwhile.

My wish tonight is for the strength to stand up for what is right – always. When we see others as an obstacle, the reason we aren’t doing something, going someplace, making enough, being happy, and so on and so on, it keeps us from the real work. The real work is us. Not them. Us. So what is right is forgiving ourselves so we can forgive others, loving ourselves so we can love others. But it can be a hard slog, hence strength. And the funny thing, the more you do what is right, the stronger you become. Let’s start lifting those weights, okay?

Until tomorrow…





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