Holding it all up…

Belt.jpgI bought a belt today. It wasn’t wanted because I’ve several, but I don’t know where they are, and am tired of rifling through containers searching for them, so I bought one. And it’s nice. I had to buy a belt because some of my pants are not staying where they’re supposed to. They’re falling off in actual fact and the Bieber look doesn’t suit. Oh, and no, I’m not becoming a stick. I’d like to say I was but that would be a lie, and I’ve sworn off lying. No, it’s more about washing. Because there’s no drier, my pants don’t ‘shrink’ back. They just keep stretching out. Hence, a belt.

It was another nice day weather wise. I don’t miss snow at all, and seeing blooms this time of year sprouting wildly, is glorious. I’m nervous though. Time is ticking too quickly. I must trust, keep the faith.

I continue to be energized after my massage, and craving better, less sugary food. What a lovely treat that is! My digestion is really good. I’m sure I’ve read somewhere, that when you’re eating what your body needs, cravings tend to subside. This is only day three though, so I best not get too cocky. I’ll see how things progress over the coming days.

For the past week, we’ve been sitting a friend’s dog. A gentle lurcher, Jess is good company. We spent the afternoon together yesterday walking along a river and up into the hills. There are places here where it’s easy to let dogs off leash, but you have to watch for sheep. If a dog worries the herd, a farmer’s likely to shoot it. I suppose it’s the code one learns to accept here. It makes sense, but I wouldn’t want to ever be on the receiving end of an event like that. Knowing the rules, eh? It can be pretty important.

Of course, a lot of rules should be broken. Everything we’re told is not correct. Some regulations are downright awful, perpetuating division, disparity, and even poverty. It can be hard not to think that whole world is bad, or that everyone is really against you. As I’ve noted before, though, if that’s what you see, that’s what will be.

My wish tonight is that we’re able to find a belt when we need one to hold up what might otherwise fall down. Most of the time we’re fine, able to hold up everything that needs holding up. Then, other times, we need a little help. Look for it. If you do, you may well find all the help you need.

Until tomorrow…



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