Finding out what you knew…

Dorothy  Levitt.jpgI decided to book a session with a shiatsu massage therapist. I met her recently and saw the results of her work first hand. It dawned on me she might be able to narrow down what needs doing to move this feeling of being under a weight, not to be confused with body weight. Some of that excess is steadily heading for the hills. Hurray! The weight is this sluggishness and because I’m still complaining about being tired, hoped she might shift something for me.

Anywho, the appointment was midday today. The village she lives in is a picturesque 25 minute drive. I should tell you, the reluctant driver of a few weeks ago has been transformed into a 21st century Dorothy Levitt who barely notices the pretty Devon countryside anymore because she’s apparently hell bent on breaking a land speed record. Anywho, I did slow down when I saw the sea. That view always slows me down. I love it. A lot. But I digress.

This therapist is recently returned from abroad and building her business. I don’t think she’ll have trouble. What an experience I had! How could she know what she knew? She is terrifically gifted at reading the body. And she managed to shift what I’d hoped she could shift. I’m already feeling better. She did, however, tell me I must get back to doing things for my body instead of staying in my head – which I’ve been in way, way, way too much lately.

Because I’m not sleeping all that well and staying up way too late, not meditating, practicing yoga or walking… What? I can hear you saying it. What? Sorry. Failed to mention all that stuff I’m NOT doing, didn’t I. Yeah, it’s true. I’ve fallen off the self-care, best practices for me, wagon and it’s had a negative effect on me very quickly. I walk a lot more than I did, but it’s not enough. Certainly nothing close to what I was doing the first few weeks. It’s okay though. I can get back to meditation fast, and a few simple poses here and there will help my inflexible wee bones and muscles immensely. I just didn’t realize how much I need it all. It helps me stay out of my head, I guess. And that’s a super good thing. OH, and she said — are you ready for it? “Ah, you like the sugar, eh?” Nah. How could she see that?

So it’s back to square one with much less sugar. Again. But hey, it’s okay. Rome was not built in a day. I’ve a couple months left on the re-do. Plus, regular, faithful, disciplined practice to anything is not a forte, so patience is needed. Tons and tons of patience. Sigh.

Did you know your baby toe is related to the bladder? You did? I did not. Cool though.

Wishing us all a bit of balance. The kind you sought when a kid sitting on a seesaw, remember that? Practicing could hurt. Falling off was really painful. The BANG when your partner stepped off too soon, or the weights were all wrong. Ouch. But then there was the joy when balance was obtained. Wasn’t that a lovely feeling of accomplishment? Let’s remember how worth it it all was.

Until tomorrow…

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