SlatsSlats was the first lion used for the newly formed MGM studio. I remember hearing that when I was at the Dublin Zoo. He was born there March 20, 1919. Slats worked for four years, from 1924 to 1928. He was fired when the studio decided to use a colour picture. Go figure. There have been lots of lions since then. I’m still partial to Slats even though we never met.

I don’t know what brought that memory to the forefront. Anywho, I’ve shared it with ya’ll. Hope you enjoy.

Wishing for lots of colour in your life. It’s funny how colour can alter your mood. Let’s look for colours that spark a response, a good response. Colours can be around you, or you can see colours in all the layers you are. You are lots of different things, yeah? SO you’ve lots of colour to share with plenty left over to swim in, float in, enjoy.

Until tomorrow…


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