Stepping in the Woowoo: Encounters with A Life Before

Am heading into new territory tonight posting someone else’s blog. Susan is a friend and brilliant author. (Check out “Death Lost Dominion”. Stunner of a book.) Anywho, her topic is one that holds my interest and she broaches an exciting area many doubt exists.

My wish tonight is twofold: that you read her words rather than mine, and that you remain open minded to the unlimited potential of a vast universe.

Until tomorrow…

Personal Journeys with Gramma


Déjà vu or a sense that you’ve been or done something before is a common topic of conversation.  Those of us who were raised to ignore that which cannot be measured (or isn’t in one of our religious texts) understand we’re supposed to wrinkle our noses when a sense of having lived before emerges.  But what if we’re wrong to laugh it off?  What if recurrent dreams of unfamiliar places and people are lost memories?  What would knowing that mean to us now?

Having read MANY LIVES, MANY MASTERS and SAME SOUL, MANY BODIES by Dr. Brian L. Weiss, I suppose my blank mind is contaminated.  Dr. Weiss declares flatly that his research has established that people do, indeed, reincarnate.  Under hypnosis, his psychiatric patients often recall details (sometimes verifiable details) of previous lives that explain some of the seemingly inexplicable ailments they suffer.  Many discover solutions that release their…

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