Sleep first, dance later…

I must apologize yet again. I’m am home not too long and had to finish a work project before I could write the blog. Knackered. Big time. Eyes closing…

I really wanted to write about a couple of things I’d planned on discussing further like soul contracts, and gratitude, but it will have to wait for another night.

Wishing you all lightness of foot. Who remembers when you first saw someone dance? For me, it was Shirley Temple. Her feet moved as if her body had wings gently lifting her off the ground. I’ve seen so many brilliant movers since then whose lithe bodies float across a floor as if defying gravity. While I’m no Ginger Rogers, sometimes I feel like dancing. I’ll do it, and it makes me smile. Often, I’ll do it again, just for fun. Just because I can. Let’s keep moving these amazing, miraculous bodies of ours as much as we can and be ever so grateful even if out light foot is at first effort, a bit heavy. Keep lifting, keep moving. It will lighten up.

Until tomorrow…


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