Touching on…

SlothsGolly, I owe everyone a big apology. I’ve not been devoted to the blog lately which has resulted in some sketchy posts at best. Tonight’s is not going to be different. It’s 1:20 PM and I’m beat. No, I’ve not been out carrying on, just doing what needs doing, laying down tracks and the like. Thing is, there’s still lots to do and I’m creating my own stress and pressure about it. This too shall pass, but I’m feeling a tad beleaguered in the meantime.

By the way, it’s raining again. And now it’s cold. Thank the stars and every black hole in the cosmos I love it here! LOL

Hey, does anyone remember the shipment I drove to Toronto to send over – the last bit of stuff? Well, it arrives tomorrow. It’ll be good to get it. I’ve way more than I need, though, so will make time to organize and start selling off goodies. I’ve not even been to my storage unit yet, either. I’ve no idea what condition that bulk load is in. Fingers crossed. There’s one particular dresser I’d like to dig out and move into my room to make things a bit homier for me. It’s time to put the suitcases in the cupboad for a bit but I do need a drawer or two. Five would be better.

Oh, and update on the lottery. I’ve bought another ticket and will be winning soon. STOP laughing! I really believe it so it will happen. I’m living my life fully without it, of course, but you cannot win if you don’t buy, so just sayin’.

Speaking of the law of attraction and manifesting, I’ve done well so far. One request that’s not materialized is my mother’s birthplace and date of birth. It was promised me a LONG time ago but has not come. I’d like it by end of next week. I need to get on with things.

Tonight I’d like to wish for more hugs. Touch is necessary. Without it, babies do not thrive. We see this is the human and animal kingdom. But we big people need touch, too. It heals and strengthens. With that in mind, when next you are inclined to touch someone, go one step further and give them a hug. Share your being with another being. It might help you both be better, happier, beings.

Until tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Touching on…

  1. Anneke Schroder

    Hello out there in rainy land! Sending you HUGS x3 from snowy Ontario. Excellent post tonight and many other nights! Read them EVERY night! Learning and reflecting lots in the reading process.~Anneke~

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab®4

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