Sugar and spice…

GingerbreadHere I sit at the computer with a rather large bag of assorted gingerbread cookies – the soft ones lightly covered in icing. There’s not a single healthy ingredient in them. Still, I continue to ingest – or rather – inhale them at the speed of light, or sound. Which is faster? Doesn’t matter, they’ll be gone before the answer comes.

I remember the way I felt the last time I binged on sugar. It wasn’t nice. So why do it?

I suppose it’s an addiction like any other. The initial rush is compelling. So compelling the brain conveniently forgets the aftermath. I’ve been pretty good overall. I’ve no desire to drink but fear I’m replacing a bit of that compulsive tendency with sugar. And I’d like to stop. Sugar’s pretty toxic especially in gargantuan quantities.

So, I’ll tell you I’m giving up most sugar. I write ‘most’ because sugar can be sneaky, so I’m going to try my best to at the very least, cut way, WAY, down. I CAN do this! Which, reminds me…

I drove my little car up on the moors today and it held up quite well. Whew. Anywho, after manifesting a vehicle as smoothly as I did, I’ve been questioning why a few other things are not materializing. It’s given rise to some ruminations and left me a bit unsettled. Not uncommon, really, to wonder, or to feel disturbed about what comes up. I’ve no clear answers – yet – but some options are definitely percolating.

One such option isn’t so much an answer as an action. I’m going to forge ahead with what I desire. And while I was just now planning to write a few specifics, I’ve just as fast went muddy. Sugar does that. I’ll take it as a sign to write nothing further on this topic but will promise to revisit it soon.

My wish tonight is to belief that we have the power to change our reality simply by changing our mind. Short story: Recently, I met a man perceived by myself and others as quite dark. I sensed a degree of depression but was powerless to do anything about it. After a couple of days, evidence was building which further supported the initial assumptions. I still felt powerless to help so changed my mind about him. Instead of a man lost, I saw a man asking to be found. A day and a half later, we parted and he was no longer heavy, dark, or lost. And everyone saw the change. Believe it. We have the power.

Until tomorrow…


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